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The Dogix Program Management

The Dogix Program Management consulting team constantly supports key clients turning strategy into a consistent and sustainable business value.

Companies that are undergoing a significant transformation or are implementing complex initiatives, require deep understanding of the context, peculiar coordination across multiple departments, stakeholders, and projects, to maximize and safeguard the value of their business.

For demanding Customers

«Value Delivery» is the essential component (and challenge) of Program Management. Complex changes cannot be realized in any other way than focusing on their value. The impact of the projects on organizational value is most of the time not well communicated or established. To this end, it is necessary to view projects as investments, and measure their impact on the value proposition of the entity that created them. This value is measurable only at Program level.

Dogix experienced and certified professionals provide an adaptive Program Management approach, as a pragmatic recipe to translate a strategic and tactical visions to deliver concrete outcomes with a significant business impact, integrating the Company drivers at different levels:

The path toward the Program Management, inside Dogix

Dogix guarantees its teams members a smooth and professional growth path to a Program Management position:

  • measuring the skills maturity level and mapping the improvement areas to enhance.
  • extending roles and responsibilities to senior consultancy mindset and approach.
  • strengthening the holistic view, to focus a clear picture of how everything in the program relates.supporting a methodological attitude to clearly identify the needs to be produced, supporting the identification of what needs to be measured, and reinforcing the value of why selected measures are important.working on making programs more understandable, providing means of illustrating and clarifying the complexity.promoting the personal capabilities as goldmine for self-improvement.
  • coaching in the management of complex programs: involving in the definition of corporate business strategies both in terms of life cycle management of the products or services provided, aiming to ensure a that appropriate cost/benefit ratio is achieved.