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Business Analysis for Sales Applications

Since 2010, the top player in mobile telco has entrusted Dogix with a primary role in the maintenance and growth program of its dealer station, which is the main sales channel in the stores for consumers and business customers (prior to and post activation).

Dealer Station

The software platform, used not only in stores located in Italy but also for remote sales operated by one-to-one agents, is divided into three highly customized sales components:

  • After-sales and land line module: manages the activation of the Fixed and Convergent Network contracts and the post-activation of the Mobile contracts (plan changes, replacement of SIM card support, activation and modification of contracts, management of recurring charges, updating of personal data, and sale of devices, including those in installments)
  • Fist activation module: manages the activation of mobile contracts (with or without simultaneous subscription of a device in installments or at a discount, and management of winback, standard, and multi-device offers)
  • Business after-sales module: manages the post activation of Mobile and Fixed SmallOffice-HomeOffice (SOHO) and Small Medium Enterprise (SME) contracts (SIM conversion and replacement, plan changes, activation of promotions, and sale of devices with installment plans)

To complete the ecosystem, the platform includes components that: are both authorized and have authorization; consists of biometric signature processes and digitalized document archiving; have self-user provisioning and credential management processes; maintain processes for customer creditworthiness verification and anti-fraud verification with international databases; and include automated or on-demand reporting tools for both the sales force and the sales and marketing departments.

The application infrastructure is supported by VMWare virtualized Windows servers and Unix AIX servers, which are geo-resilient and boast high availability. The services are presented to the user as virtualized applications in Citrix Xenapp, used by desktop clients who are made less vulnerable to cyberattacks through hardening and with customized local software configuration. The same applications are then available in the mobile version on Android \ iOS tablets, on which the installation of the applications is guided through special software provisioning portals.


The projects of this program are managed by Spindox both in the analysis of the specific application and infrastructural components and in the governance through:

  • Support to the business and to those responsible for client-side governance in the implementation of sustainable project plans
  • Addressing the needs based on criteria of opportunity and convenience, mediating between the demands of the business and solution
  • Mediation between sales and operational departments, with the goal of obtaining benefits for both
  • Mapping and presenting the gray areas or black holes of business processes as well as the aspects that can affect sales to the end customer
  • In-depth studies of the solutions anticipating possible inconveniences or collateral effects to mitigate risks that can also lead to obstacles for the sales force with inevitable loss of profit for the client.

The activities for which Dogix is responsible include:

  • Mapping of stakeholders, i.e., all persons responsible / interested and / or involved in the project in various capacities and identifying the roles and their duties, whether they are business / marketing, users, or end users of the software.
  • Mapping of the systems by identifying all the components of the internal and external processes currently involved and those to be involved as well as the functions provided. At the same time, the correct priority is assigned based on the level of interfacing (high or low) with the managed system.
  • Obtaining the business client’s requirements and refining/clarifying the requirements such that it is possible to start the analysis without having neglected or underestimated any aspect of the client’s vision. This enables us to create an adequate marketing proposal to the end customers.
  • Concept and feasibility analyses, including analyses on risks and impacts on processes and solutions that may already be present in the current IT system.
  • Drafting the documentation of the high phases of the project with the responsibility to produce the feasibility analysis (including UML models, data models, and flow charts) and as reviewers / approvers of functional, technical, and test documentation (test books, test plans, test reports) produced by suppliers.
  • UAT (user acceptance test) management with the business, before availability to the sales force, to ensure that the prototype developed is in line with expectations in terms of user experience and effective response capacity to the functionality requirements.
  • Participation in the start of production, to ensure that the GoLive phase is efficient and complete, by overseeing the release activities and possibly providing on-site support at the points of sale for the transfer of know-how to the final seller.
  • Post-release support to address improvement or provide solutions for any defects in the shortest possible time and with the best operational efficiency. This enables to not lose turnover due to any obstacles for the sales force.


Another important programmatic context of the primary player in Italian telephony for which Dogix has been involved in since 2010 is that which brings together and organizes the grouped systems of the fast development area.


The activities entrusted fall within the areas of Solution Design and Project Management for all initiatives that impact the maintenance and evolution of applications for sales agencies that can be used both from desktop browsers and tablets (Android, iOS and Windows):

  • Business module: tool used by the sales force and the call center for the activation of fixed and mobile network contracts for customers in the Business market (SmallOffice-HomeOffice and Small Medium Enterprise)
  • Retail module: reporting tool used by those at the managerial level for the creation of sales performance monitoring reports, categorized by agency or agent.

Dogix’s project role maintains sole or primary responsibility for the following activities:

  • drafting the project planning
  • governance of external suppliers and integrated planning
  • cost control
  • support for analysis activities conducted internally or by suppliers
  • architectural documentation update
  • interfacing with the physical and network security divisions
  • verification and approval of the high-level design produced by the supplier
  • supervision of testing activities (OneToOne or Validation Integration Tests)
  • organization and support of releases
  • testing and verification of the installation of applications
  • support for Business Simulations
  • first level post go-live support

Dogix also supports the client Channel Marketing (both in Italy and abroad) representatives in the maintenance and configuration of the contracts for their commercial partners in the transport sector, digital content, data processing software, video streaming and technological devices. Through a dedicated tool, configurations, tests, and releases are managed to satisfy requests for creation, modification, and cancellation of contracts and services. The governance activities in this area are supported by the use of automation and market leading CRM tools for the:

  • preparation of the roadmap of all operations
  • management of activities
  • issuing of monthly pre-invoices