Protection of personal data and from cyber attacks

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Data, the new “black gold” of the digital world, has a value from many perspectives, certainly that of finacial and strategic, but also inclusive of the identity of the people who work inside and outside the organization. 

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Security and compliance by design

At Dogix, we promote the culture of security. And this doesn’t only imply protection from cyber attacks but also protection of the integrity of information, respect for privacy, and defining a reliable and transparent data governance model for everyone.

Dogix is faithful to the principle of security-by-design. Security must be designed before threats materialize. This means thinking about organizational models, processes, and behaviors even more than infrastructures, systems, and applications. And it means doing so taking into account an increasingly complex regulatory framework. The GDPR reminds us how challenging the compliance challenge can be. Then, of course, there is cybersecurity in the technical context.

Dogix’s consulting covers all relevant areas regarding Compliance and Cybersecurity. 


·ISO 27001   ·ISO 22301   ·PCI-DSS   ·GDPR   ·Risk Management



  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Perimeter, application, and infrastructural security
  • SIEM
  • Detection, protection, and prevention of Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Data Discovery & Classification
  • Privelege Assess Management (PAM)       

 TRAINING via classroom or remote

  • Introductory and specific courses on Privacy (GDPR)
  • Cybersecurity and awareness
  • Phishing