how we work

The approach of Dogix


The success of our work depends on the trust we deserve in everything we do. This is why the client is Dogix’s best ally. We work mainly in two ways. 

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Our approach to work is rigorous and energetic

We work mainly in two ways: in close contact with the client, becoming his alter-ego in the management of situations and internal organizational dynamics, thanks to the trust we earn; and in a team, together with colleagues from the other business units, working on the Business Analysis and Governance of complex projects. In both cases, our approach is focused on flexibility, willingness, and the ability to evolve by enriching our skills. We quickly and naturally fit in with and adapt to the context of our clients.

We invest heavily in training, both through structured courses and certifications, and through training on the job. For us, “continuous learning” is not just a cliché but a commitment as well as an achievement of concrete results. We organize meetings, both in-person and remote, for all Dogix colleagues to share consulting best practices. We believe in comparison and collaboration, which is why we ask our colleagues from other business units to participate by providing their experiences that allow us to always be aligned with how the entire Spindox organization creates and manages its business. 

We call these events “Energy Talk”. We are curious. We take inspiration from what happens in our sector and in related areas to guarantee our clients solutions that are always innovative and at the forefront.

Our approach is based on methods, rigor, and strong commitment, without giving up wanting to feel good working together and having fun when we work.

In this aspect, we undoubtedly benefit from the good mix in terms of gender (about 47% women, 53% men), age groups, geographical distribution between Spindox offices, and technological / sector knowledge gained at Dogix and in previous work experiences.  We want to continue our growth and strengthen the professionalism of our consultants, working on both hard and soft skills. We want to become a reference point for consulting in the ICT world.