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Defining business needs with the Agile method

A client has entrusted Dogix with preparing the business analysis of the development of a new system to manage the regulatory documents within the group. The new solution features advanced search functions that continues and replaces the previous tool, which is being discontinued because it is obsolete.


The Regulatory Portal integrates:

  • a user profiling component, based on the roles defined within the specific operational context
  • an advanced search engine, based on Google services, capable of:
    • Working on document contents and metadata and, on request, on previous versions and expired documents
    • Handling typos, spelling errors, and synonyms
    • Conducting self-learning and ranking, for example to propose the most common searches for a specific string or the latest searches performed by the user when he enters a string
    • Highlighting the results on the document and metadata as well as on the index or in the attachments

The reference technological platform of the portal uses Oracle WebLogic Server and Java HotSpot on servers with Linux Red Hat and Windows server 2016 operating systems, in addition to Oracle 12G database on SQL Server 2016.

The role of Dogix in this project, governed by the best practices of Agile development, includes:

  • Interfacing with the client for the definition of requirements and obtaining the requests and needs expressed by the internal client
  • Formalization of the requirements
  • Guiding the sprint design sessions
  • Definition of the user stories and planning of the release sprints
  • Refinement of the specifications with the involvement of third parties supplying the impacted systems
  • Supervision of the prototype development


The advantages of the new platform project include:

  • an attractive interface
  • flexibility and usability (multi-device)
  • an advanced search engine
  • multi-company management with the objective of encouraging and facilitating the consultation of company regulations and the monitoring of the consultation itself