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Strategic and process consulting for IT

Dogix supports an important international client in the Food & Beverage sector in the implementation of its IT processes and in the establishment of an IT PMO.

The inorganic growth through the acquisition of companies in the international arena, which is the core of our client’s strategy, requires IT processes that are standardized but also sufficiently elastic and scalable. At the same time, it involves the client’s awareness of how important it is to have appropriate methodological support.


Dogix has provided professionals who have the skills and experience necessary to support the client from a methodological point of view.

The roles and responsibilities of the IT Project Management Office have been identified on the basis of the company characteristics, the organizational structure, and the needs of the client. Additionally, all the related aspects have been analyzed, including the impacts of such organization and on the IT processes. The activity was conducted in close collaboration with senior figures in the client’s IT structure and included, in addition to a series of specific meetings, the production of deliverables in the form of structured documentation. In addition to the definition of the roles and responsibilities of the PMO, the following have been formalized:

  • a set of guidelines for the management of IT projects, including all aspects of the life cycle of the project, from the definition and management of the boundaries and cost allocation to the release and change management methods.
  • a set of document templates designed to formalize and manage information in a structured way.
  • reporting tools designed to monitor the progress of projects both from an operational point of view and at the portfolio level (shared in structured periodic meetings).

The deliverables produced are maintained according to the sequence of continuous improvement.


The client appreciated the standardization in the management of IT projects. The teams involved in the management of the IT projects were able to take advantage of the tools created and of the support of the PMO, improving the sharing of information both with suppliers and with the company. The presence of monitoring processes and specific tools has enabled:

  • a better synergy between the IT teams involved in the management of the projects,
  • the ability to periodically present structured information to stakeholders, including to top management of the company
  • a uniformity in the interpretation and management of risks and potentially critical issues.

The tools provided, designed to be scalable and adaptable, guarantee a simple and rapid adoption in the event of inorganic growth following the acquisition of new companies. The consultancy relationship between Dogix and the client continues with the provision of the professionals who form the PMO.